HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Grants 2018 for Sub-Saharan African countries

- March 06, 2018
HEINEKEN Africa Foundation Grants 2018 for Sub-Saharan African countries

    The HEINEKEN Africa Foundation works closely together with the HEINEKEN breweries in Sub-Saharan Africa and (N)GO’s.

    Application Deadline:

    15th March 2018

    To Be Taken At (Country):

    Underpinning HEINEKEN’s long-standing commitment to Africa, projects are only carried out in the Sub-Saharan African countries in which HEINEKEN is operating.

    About the Award:

    For each project a partnership is created between the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation, the local HEINEKEN brewery and a local or international (N)GO. The Foundation provides funding and administrative assistance. The local brewery supports through means of manpower, expertise and monitoring. The (N)GO is responsible for the implementation and continuation of the project.




    An eligible project proposal:
    • focusses on Mother & Child care or WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)
    • directly improves the health situation for needy communities living in the environment of a HEINEKEN Sub-Saharan African organization. See where where HEINEKEN operates in the Program Webpage.
    • cooperates with global and/or local partners (NGOs/GOs/overseas development ministries/international organizations)
    • has measurable positive results
    • has a sustainable follow-up or clear conclusion
    • is approved and motivated by the General Manager of the related HEINEKEN operation
    • is submitted to the HAF General Manager by the local HEINEKEN operating company
    • does not exceed the maximum requested amount of EUR 75,000 per year (with a 3-year maximum)

    The HEINEKEN Africa Foundation excludes projects that:

    may lead to a direct commercial benefit for the local HEINEKEN operation
    replace health benefits currently provided to HEINEKEN employees and their family members
    focus on adolescents (in the age of primary and secondary school)
    are research projects, scholarships and medical or health-related events and conferences

    Number of Awards:

    Not specified

    Value of Award:

    Maximum requested amount of EUR 75,000 per year (with a 3-year maximum).

    How to Apply:

    Project proposals can only be submitted by the local HEINEKEN operating companies in close collaboration with a (N)GO. By making use of HEINEKEN’s local infrastructure and network we believe that we can make a bigger impact.

    Does your project comply with these criteria? Please contact the local HEINEKEN operating company to further discuss your project proposal.

    Award Providers:

    HEINEKEN Africa Foundation



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